Ahead Of The Curve

Queensland Premiere


Director Jen Rainin
Producer Rivkah Beth Medow
Cast Rosa Ramírez, Romana Satt
Country USA
Language English 
Runtime 97min
Year 2020
Genre Documentary / Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer

Frameline, Inside Out, OutFest, Mardi Gras Film Festival
The legacy of the power dykes of publishing, creating space and place.

“Zippy, insightful and deeply moving…a fitting companion piece to Netflix’s recent ‘Circus of Books’, another documentary that pays tribute to an oasis of gay community that ultimately fell victim to the LGBTQ movement’s success.” — Inkoo Kong, The Hollywood Reporter

In 1990, with a fist full of credit cards, a lucky run at the horse track and chutzpah for days, Franco Stevens launched Curve, the best-selling lesbian lifestyle magazine ever published. Ahead Of The Curve traces the power of lesbian visibility and community from the early ‘90s to present day through the story of Franco’s founding of Curve magazine. Decades later, as her legacy faces extinction and she reassesses her life after a disabling injury, she sets out to understand visibility work being led by an intersection of queer women today, celebrating the legacy of a movement while considering the agenda of its future.