Forgotten Roads

La Nave Del Olvido

Queensland Premiere


Director Nicol Ruiz Benavides
Producer Catalina Fontecilla
Cast Rosa Ramírez, Romana Satt
Country Chile
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Runtime 71min
Year 2020
Genre Drama / Lesbian

Frameline, MIX Milano, NewFest, MIX Brasil, Image+Nation
“The difficult decision to know yourself, to explore, and to learn how to leave the fear, the insecurity, and the social standards that not allow us to be what we want to be.” — Nicol Ruiz Benavides

Claudina is a repressed woman from the countryside. After the death of her husband, she meets Elsa, a married woman, who invites to her to discover real love. Under the judgment of a small conservative town in the south of Chile, Claudina starts a tough journey to be free, that makes her brave enough to leave everything behind and to understand that freedom is individual and inalienable.