BQFF 11 - 21 MARCH 2021

Queer Shorts Three: Approaching Bodies 

Runtime 80min

Films in this session:
*Film list in rare occasions is subject to change in order.

Breakwater (Quebramar)
Cris Lyra
Young lesbians go on a trip to a remote beach. While they wait for the new year's eve, they build a safe and loving environment through music and friendship. They take care of each other and they feel free.
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese with English subtitles
Runtime 27min
Year 2020
Genre Documentary / Lesbian, Non-binary, Queer

Queensland Premiere
Èrika Sánchez
Joana and Nina live trapped in the contradictions of female puberty in the first world. Both are women of their time and culture: social networks, immediacy and excesses. Today, Joana has decided to devise a game in which she will involve her friend Nina. That decisive moment of puberty will change something in each of them forever.
Country Spain
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Runtime 22min
Year 2020
Genre Drama / Lesbian, Non-binary, Queer

In The Name Of The Son (El Nombre Del Hijo)
Queensland Premiere
Martina Matzkin  
When a trans boy and his sister visit their father for a summer holiday, the father’s true feelings about his son’s transition come to light.
Country Argentina
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Runtime 13min
Year 2020
Genre Drama / Transgender

Marriage Story
Australian Premiere
Jessica Dunn Rovinelli
An auto-fiction under the eyes of a female Christ, a marriage as a step into the forbidden land of the holy, a lesbian poem in the language of the divine, a paean to the color red, the world's slowest rave.
Country USA
Language English
Runtime 10min
Year 2020
Genre Fiction / Lesbian, Transgender