BQFF 11 - 21 MARCH 2021


Australian Premiere


Director Olivia Peace
Screenwriter Jess Zeidman
Cast Rachel Sennott Madeline Grey DeFreece
Country USA
Language English 
Runtime 76min
Year 2020
Genre Drama / Lesbian, Queer

Toronto International Film Festival, Frameline
“Tahara is a wicked dark comedy that is never cynical, but profoundly moving.” — Milwaukee Film

“For her uproarious and incisive generational debut, director Olivia Peace evokes the unique confines of contemporary youth by shooting in a tight 1:1 aspect ratio (a square format emulating an Instagram post) and cheekily articulates the characters’ overwhelming emotional extremes with bursts of buoyant animation.” — Jesse Knight, Frameline

Carrie Lowstein and Hannah Rosen (Rachel Sennott, Shiva Baby) have been inseparable for as long as they can remember. When their former Hebrew school classmate, Samantha Goldstein, commits suicide, the two girls go to her funeral as well as the “Teen Talk- back” session designed to be an opportunity for them to understand grief through their faith. But, after an innocent kissing exercise turns Carrie's world inside out, the best friends find themselves distracted by the teenage complications of lust, social status, and wavering faith.

Screens with;
A Season In Hell

Director Nancy Cao
Cast Mackenzie Mazur, Juliet Papamarkou
Country Australia
Language English
Runtime 10min
Year 2020
During her novice ceremony, Sarah recalls her passionate but desctructive relationship with a fellow postulant in a series of flashback. While the beginning of their romance was sensual and promising, after discovering that her lover has betrayer her, Sarah goes to confession with hopes of receiving consolation, only to find herself in even stormier waters.