The Strong Ones

Los Fuertes

Queensland Premiere


Director Omar Zúñiga
Producer Omar Zúñiga, José Luis Rivas
Cast Samuel González, Antonio Altamirano, Marcela Salinas, Rafael Contreras
Country Chile
Language Spanish with English subtitles
Runtime 98min
Year 2019
Genre Drama / Gay 

Göteborg Film Festival, InsideOut, Image+Nation, OutFest Winner Best International Narrative Feature / Audience Award, Queer Lisboa

Content warning: sex scenes
A love story at the end of the world. The film explores the same world and characters as Zuniga’s short ‘San Cristobal’ (BQFF 2016), which won the Teddy Award for best LGBTQ short at the 2015 Berlinale.

“I wanted to explore the inherent fragility of the masculine, the dignity that comes with a trade, and the culture of the south of Chile, which I know deeply. I wanted to travel towards the ocean and to face the immensity. I wanted to tell this love story between two men who know what they want, and who are also different to each other, with different life experiences and ways of looking at the world. With this film, I want to say that we are here, that we deserve a space in the places where we live, and that we will not allow ourselves to be pushed over in our search for independence.” — Omar Zúñiga

Lucas travels to visit his sister to a remote town in southern Chile. In front of the ocean and the fog, he meets Antonio, a boatswain in a local fishing boat. When an intense romance grows between them, their strength, their independence and their adulthood become immovable in front of the tide.