Queensland Premiere


Director Cássio Pereira dos Santos
Producer Erika Pereira dos Santos
Cast Thiessa Woinbackk, Guta Stresser, Ronaldo Bonafro, Letícia Franco, Rômulo Braga, Pedro Diniz
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese with English subtitles
Runtime 95min
Year 2020
Genre Drama / Transgender

International Film Festival India, Mardi Gras Film Festival, OutFest Jury Award - Best Performance Actress Thiessa Woimback, Audience Award Image+Nation

Content warning: transphobia, mild violence & assault
“To change the reality, we need to make the issue more visible. Valentina seeks to address the social boycott Brazil’s transgender students face. The urge to throw light on this social boycott, led us to making Valentina. The film is our effort to change reality by making it more visible.” — Cássio Pereira dos Santos

Valentina, a 17-year-old girl, moves to the countryside of Brazil with her mother Márcia to start afresh. To avoid being bullied in her new school, Valentina tries to enroll with her chosen name and keep the fact that she is trans a secret. However, both mother and daughter quickly face dilemmas when the local high school needs a second parental signature for enrollment. Trans youtube star, actress Thiessa Woinbackk's debut, Valentina is a reflection of the real life hardships that society forces a strong young woman to endure and embrace who she is.